“An encyclopedic range of influences is apparent, as is an ability to fuse them into material with an underlying melody-oriented song-based structure… my hunch is that those who find themselves constantly on the search to discover and experience great music will want to check this out.”

Roy Abrams (The Inside Connection)

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this CD. Was it worth it?… The CD clocks in at over seventy minutes, and I wouldn’t give up one second of them. This earns the highest recommendation.”

Joe Grandwilliams (Good Times Magazine)

“The Blur Division offers an impressive blending of ear-pleasing jazz compositions and superior improvisational skills. They are also responsible for consistently turning in some of the best live performances on the Isle. The band’s unflinching commitment to constant experimentation means that each show holds the possibility for unlocking the door to new and exciting sonic terrain.”

Ian D’Giff (Newsday Night Beat)

“Catch one of the more promising young home-grown jazz groups playing the circuit today.”

Dave Gil De Rubio (The Long Island Press)

“These artists of jazz have done it again with their unique style of music that has transformed them into one of the most musically diversified jazz groups on the circuit today… The Blur Division is on it way toward making jazz mainstream. Take notice. From the overwhelming response of the audience, one might say the mission was accomplished.”

Sterling T. Royston (Good Times Magazine)

“Modern approach, impeccable technique and an immersion in jazz tradition make this band worthy of consideration.”